Is This the Face of a Happy Camper?

Why, yes, of course it is!

How do I know? Because I am the owner of said face and, sadly, the body that it’s attached to. Now, it may not look terribly happy but there’s a logical explanation for that which I will get to in a bit.

You see, I know I’m happy because we’ve finally begun our camping adventures for 2016. In keeping with our tradition, we spent the weekend at the Barrie KOA, which as usual, did not disappoint. The campground was spotless and the friendly owners and staff continue to make improvements to an already amazing facility.

In our opinion, it is by far the nicest KOA we have stayed at. The campground is reasonably close to home and it’s a great place to open up the trailer and give it a clean out. It also, as we may have previously mentioned, has the added benefit of an amazing pizza place (Bando’s) right on the park grounds and they deliver right to your camp site. So how could I not be happy with all of this going on?


Now, back to why I may not have been the picture of a happy camper… First off, we awoke on our last day (Sunday) to find a mini-blizzard happening… in May. Secondly, as it was our last day camping and we had to pack up and leave by noon; I was unable to enjoy my usual morning camping coffees, which contain a glug of Carolans (Irish cream liqueur). FYI a glug is not yet recognized as an official measurement but it is somewhere between a splash and a shot. Thirdly, it was cold and windy, which is always fine weather to pack up the trailer in. Finally, it was too early in the morning to be photographed (not that there is ever a good time). These factors led to the less-than-happy look on what was an extremely happy camper’s face.

Our next trip takes us to Craigleith Provincial Park on the shores of Georgian Bay, just west of Collingwood, Ontario.

Until next time… Enjoy the Ride!

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