Who RV?

Hi there. My name is Steve and, together with my amazing wife Kathie, her daughter Sierra (my step-daughter), our dog Bear and cat Lydia we make our (stationary) home in Maple, Ontario, which is just a little north of Toronto. But our peaceful retreat is our Hyperlite XLR 29HFS Toy Hauler (our 2nd trailer) and whichever campground it happens to be parked at.

After years of living stress-filled lives, we decided it was time to alter our lifestyle and begin living a life less stressful and one we actually enjoy! In the fall of 2013 we decided to throw caution to the wind (while making sure we were standing upwind from it!) and bought a used travel trailer. Our first trip wasn’t until the spring of 2014, which is when we fell madly in love with RVing!

We have made it our mission to see as many places in North America as we can possibly see!


Why RV Doing This?

Great question. To be perfectly honest, the title should be Why Am I Doing This? it just didn’t sound as good nor did it fit in with the rest of the RV-related themes. Oh, and for the record, my loving wife wants me to state categorically that she is in no way responsible for any of the content in any of the posts on this site and that this is entirely my own doing. BTW… Kathie has her own blog In Search of Awe and Wonder

Creating yet another RV blog may seem like overkill, to some. Aren’t there enough already? Perhaps. However, I thought I would combine a number of my passions together (RVing, writing, photography and poor attempts at humour) and enter the blogging world to see if can bring a smile to anyone else’s face. Moreover, as the blog title indicates, and my family can attest, my sanity has been in question for quite some time.

I hope you will note the lighthearted approach taken with almost every aspect of this site. This was never intended to be a serious site and, though humour (note the spelling as, yes, I am Canadian!) is very subjective, it is my site; therefore I reserve the right to inject my own sense of humour into the content. If you do not share the same sense of humour or, worse still, cannot find any humour whatsoever, then please feel free to try another site… or at the very least, continue reading in hopes that I eventually develop a sense of humour more to your liking.

I am just a regular guy learning the ins and outs of how to RV just like 99 percent of the rest of you. There may be times when I offer up a tip or a “how to” or in my case a “how not to”. Please note that any tips or “how to” suggestions must be used with extreme caution and definitely at your own risk. Just because they worked for me may have been a fluke, an anomaly or simply dumb luck. Please be careful.

Now you’ll have to excuse me while I run to the RV for a Band-Aid…

Until next time… Enjoy the Ride!

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