Our Dog’s Not Thrilled with the Park Name

On Canada Day we headed north to Parry Sound to yet another Provincial Park neither of us had camped at before. It felt odd to be starting a camping weekend on a Wednesday but that’s when July 1st fell this year and although the mid-week holiday felt awkward, it did help minimize the traffic heading up the 400. If the holiday had have been on a Friday or a Monday, the highway would have been bumper-to-bumper, which is always a great way to start a long weekend!

In the days leading up to our trip, we began to notice a change in our dog’s demeanor. He loves to come camping with us and we actually have to hide our pre-packing stash from him or he gets overly excited ahead of time and thinks we are leaving every time we head out the door. After a while, he started growling at us when we’d be discussing our impending trip with anyone. It didn’t seem to matter whether it was one of the neighbours or on the phone with family he would, at some point, just start to growl at us.


Bear – Our Golden Doodle


And, being the simple humans that we are, it finally dawned on us. He was taking issue with the name of the park we were going to and, each time it was mentioned in conversation, he would growl.

So,  he has demanded that I begin a petition demanding that Ontario Parks officially change the name of Killbear Provincial Park to something else. I personally don’t have a problem with the name of the park and think he’s being overly sensitive, as it is just a name after all. But Bear is 120 pounds, can be stubborn at times, has a mouth full of teeth, and is not averse to making demands!

But I said I would do something so… if you agree with our dog Bear, and feel the name of the park should be changed, so that all other animals named or called Bear do not take offence, please contact Ontario Parks and request that they consider changing the park’s name.

Until next time… Enjoy the Ride!

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