Another Trip and Another New Park

This journey brought us to Rockwood Conservation Area in (go figure) picturesque Rockwood, Ontario on Highway 7 a few kilometers (CAN), miles (US) or ‘clicks’ (bilingual) east of Guelph.

This time, we decided to throw in another “new” for us. We decided to arrive on a Thursday, instead of the typical Friday or Saturday and what a nice difference! Even though we ended up driving in the afternoon heading-for-home traffic, it certainly wasn’t like the rush-hour traffic in the city we’re used to.

We arrived at the park with plenty of daylight left, which is unusual for us, and made our way to our site only to find we were the only ones there! There were two other trailers there but no sign of life was visible at them so we figured they must be seasonal.

Our site was a great size, in comparison to the others. It was a corner site, which meant it was extra wide with trees and privacy on two sides. There was plenty of room for us to unpack our kayaks, bikes and still have room to play horseshoes, croquet or Speedminton. Yes, it’s a real sport… you should check it out… it’s amazingly fun!


The only challenge we (meaning me) faced was an extremely lengthy upwardly-sloped sewer connection. We have a toy hauler and utilize the back ramp, frequently, for getting our large dog Bear into the trailer. He will not go up the trailer stairs, has recently had knee surgery to replace a torn CCL (the canine version of the ACL) and weighs 115 pounds, so rather than lifting him into the trailer, having him walk up the ramp if far less taxing on our backs! Now, where were those bread crumbs…?

Right… so, as has been customary when we travel, Steve goes off to find a local hardware store that sells RV parts. This time I was looking for an extension for our sewer hose as, apparently, size does matter and the 15 feet of hose that had been perfectly fine up until now, needed to be doubled to reach the aforementioned extremely lengthy upwardly-sloped sewer connection.

After spending far too much time in Guelph not being able to find what I needed but picking up the bits and pieces to MacGyver the extend-a-hose, I headed back to our campsite. As I pulled in, I noticed the neighbour, across the lane-way from us, who had arrived and set up since I had departed on my parts journey, had the same type sewer hose system that I did and he had the RhinoFLEX hose coupler that I had been searching for (please feel free to insert your own sewer hose envy comment here!).

So after exchanging neighbourly pleasantries and thanking him for assisting Kathie with the emptying the awning, which I had not set the slope up correctly before heading off on my quest and (of course) the skies opened up while I was gone and filled the awing up with water, I told him of my search for the coupler.

Without a word of lie, he said to me, “Steve this is your lucky day! I believe I have an extra one, I’ll right back”. He did, still sealed in the package, as if waiting for me to come along and need it. As his BBQ’d lunch was now ready and the skies had opened up again, he thrust is at me at me and said “it’s yours!” and was gone.

As luck would have it, one of the parts I had purchased in Guelph was another section of RhinoFLEX hose, onto which the newly acquired hose coupler fit perfectly, and all that remained was to wait for the torrential downpour to stop and do two things; 1) go out and do the right thing and offer to buy the hose coupler from the well-stocked neighbour and 2) connect the now 30+ feet of sewer hose.

So as the rain did not appear to be letting up, I ventured across the laneway to thank the neighbour and pay him for the part. At first he resisted but I insisted and all is good and right in the world now and number one is taken care of!

Number two was easy and required very little effort. That is until it came time to perform a test drain to check for leakage. And though there were no leaks another, more troubling issue, arose… Crap! … and how to get stuff to flow uphill. All I can say is thank god for plenty of Camco leveling blocks and the assistance of our friendly Oakville neighbours (go Man U) as we were able to get enough of a slope in place to make drainage happen!

During my sewer hose adventures I was informed by not only the neighbour across from us but the neighbour beside us, as well, that we had somehow scooped up the prized campsite for this weekend. It appears both neighbours visit Rockwood numerous times each year and Site 65 is highly sought after as it’s a large, corner site bordered on 2 sides by large cedar trees which offer privacy. In fact, the neighbour across from us had wanted the site for this weekend for a special “girls’ weekend” but her husband (my hose coupler buddy) was not fast enough on the computer when the online booking opened up.

I was not trying to throw Kathie under the bus (or RV 🙂 ) rather, I was honest and I told them I couldn’t take any credit for campsite bookings as my wife takes care of all of that… which is true! Kathie puts a great deal of time and effort into picking out the parks and our specific sites (we have certain requirements beyond the normal) and I am truly grateful for everything she does! If booking campsites were left up to me to do, I think we would end up camping in the parking lot of the closest Walmart. Which would quickly turn into just me camping in the Walmart parking lot.

So enough about NOT the park itself! The weather, with the exception of 1 day, sucked! It rained most of the time, which is not conducive to the outdoor activities that we love to do, but hey, whatcha gonna do?

We were able to get the bikes out for a while, in between rain storms. We typically do a bike ride first to check out the park, look for the best place(s) to launch the kayaks, and look for good potential “other” campsite locations for future bookings.

Saturday was gorgeous. Finally, some nice weather and we took full advantage of it by going for a long kayak paddle in the Eramosa River. If you are camping at Rockwood, I strongly recommend launching from the public beach (or renting one there) and following the river north-east to the Harris Woollen Mill ruins. It’s a nice leisurely paddle with some spectacular scenery. Sorry for the lack of imagery here… water-proof cameras to be purchased soon!

Sunday arrived, accompanied by more rain, so we were “forced” to have a leisurely day around the trailer. I know, I know… it’s a rough life but we did choose it, so we suck it up as best we can! As we were staying until Monday, it was nice to sit back and watch everyone else scramble to meet the Sunday checkout time. All the while we were being as leisurely as possible!

I am glad we have another stay booked at Rockwood, in August. Amazingly enough, Kathie was able to book the same, coveted, Site 65! Hopefully this time, the weather will cooperate and, as was discovered before, size does matter but this time… I have a longer one!

Until next time… Enjoy the Ride!

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