Presqu’ile Must Be French for “Swarm of Mosquitoes”

The May long-weekend found us venturing to another new park! I did say we wanted to travel around and not stay in the same old place. So we decided to give Presqu’ile Provincial Park, in Brighton, Ontario, a try. We had heard it was nice, so we thought we’d see for ourselves.

The park was reasonably easy to get to. Heading east from Toronto, it was straight-forward driving on the 401 until the Google Maps GPS app took us off the highway and sent us through the town of Colborne and along County Road 2. I should point out this was our first time not printing out directions to our destination and our first time using the Google Map GPS application to guide us. I started to get a bit concerned as we seemed to meander through the countryside and did not see any signage for the park, though Kathie continued to express her faith in the application (you IT people all stick together don’t you?). In the end, the app did guide us to our destination successfully, to which I said phew and Kathie said “I told you so”.

Our campsite was a nice, wide, end site, mere meters from the shore of Lake Ontario and, after setting up the trailer and unpacking the truck it decided to rain, which forced us inside for the remainder of the evening, with the exception of walking Bear and Barbecuing. Being forced inside turned out to be a good thing as, apparently, it was mosquito hatching time and outdoors was inundated with the tiny little creatures.

The next morning we awoke to a grey and overcast morning. Bear and I decided to take a walk along the bike trail which paralleled the lake shore. And though the view was wonderful and the walk was through beautiful terrain, it was overshadowed by the constant swarm of newly-taken-flight mosquitoes that surrounded both Bear and myself.

Later in the day, Kathie and I decided to take a bike ride along the same trail but this time venture further east along the peninsula to visit the lighthouse. The trail was picturesque, through forests with trillium and ferns a bloom everywhere. The ride itself was an easy one, as the terrain was fairly flat, however we learned very quickly we could not ride with our mouths open and we did have to continually stop to (literally) wipe the bugs off of our faces, shirts and pants.




We spent a bit of time exploring the lighthouse and surrounding area, then headed back to the trailer for a good face wash, teeth brushing and some lunch!

Later in the afternoon, we decided to brave the crowds and check out the beaches as we had heard they were as nice as those at Sandbanks (which we already knew were amazing). Unfortunately, unlike Sandbanks or The Pinery, there is no dog beach, which meant Bear had to stay at the trailer while we braved the hoards.


IMG_0417 IMG_0418

As you can see, the beaches are pristine and much larger than both Sandbanks and The Pinery… though that may just be an illusion because there was no people on them to give them perspective!

OK, so grant it, it was not a warm weekend, by any means, but we are Canadians and it is the May two-four long weekend. I’d have expected at least a few “enhanced” souls to have ventured into the water acting as if it were the middle of summer. Ahhh but as I am writing this I now realize why this did not occur… you see, at Ontario’s Provincial Parks, on the May long weekend, alcohol is not permitted, thus the lack of “enhanced” macho souls in the water!

The evening was just as bug-infested as the daytime was, which meant we chose not to have a bonfire and rather stay inside where they were less likely to swarm us!

The Sunday turned out to be sunny and hot. There was enough of a breeze to keep the bugs away and, after a couple of well-disguised (ahem) non-alcoholic beverages, Kathie and I broke out the Speedminton racquets for the first time and played for about 3/4 of an hour until we were both exhausted and laughed out!

The rest of the day was spent enjoying the sunshine and relaxing, the way a sunny Sunday of a long weekend should.

Unfortunately, Monday came far too quickly and, as always, there’s not much time for much of anything except packing up and heading home. We did pack up, then proceeded to sit in an hour-long dump station line-up, before we were able to head on our way back home.

The drive home was fairly good, considering it was the first long weekend of the summer. But all we could do was think about our next trip out. We are headed to another new park… Rockwood Conservation Area, just east of Guelph.

Until next time… Enjoy the ride!

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